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School Profile

Telluride Intermediate School

Telluride Intermediate School


Telluride Intermediate School creates a supportive, inspiring, and student-centered learning community where all students can succeed personally.


Telluride Intermediate School serves 231 students in grades 3 – 6 with 38 staff.  We offer Dual Immersion Spanish/English through which students learn Language Arts and other core subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies in Spanish. Our students participate in PE, Art, Music, Library, Drama, and Technology classes.  Students also receive support through English Language Development, Social Emotional Learning, Counseling, Literacy interventions, Math interventions, Special Education, Title 1, and Advanced Learning Enrichment opportunities.  Our students also have a wide range of in-school and after-school clubs they can join, such as basketball, volleyball, cross country, homework, climbing, drama, student leadership, battle of the books, and cheer.

We are located under the same roof as the Telluride Middle High School just south of the Palm Theater. Half of our modern building was inaugurated in 2004, and the other opened in 2016. Technology is infused throughout the school, and students participate in a 1:1 iPad program in which students learn digital citizenship, computational thinking, and coding.

Parents are involved in countless aspects of our school, including numerous field trips, overnight adventures, and in-building activities such as the energy invention fair and bookmaking. Families are encouraged to participate in the development of our school through monthly TIS Miner Family & Community Meetings.